Athlete Progress & Maintenance

Athlete Progress & Maintenance

June 25, 2012
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I want to start off by saying that I’m super stoked on the progress I’ve been seeing in everyone.

Ricardo…your squats like a gazillion times better in just one week.
DD…congrats on updating your pants size!
Michelle Wilcox…you are SO NOT fat… you’re like a gazillion times stronger and more ripped than when you started 2 months ago!

(notice I like the word gazillion?)

Those are the first three that came to mind, but each one of you is progressing quite nicely. I HAVE been keeping everyone’s scores. I take photos of the results every day…but it’s a full time job keeping them organized. I have 3 jobs already…so I’m failing on keeping up with these.

BUT…this shouldn’t be my job anyway!!! Though, I WILL try and keep you accountable.

Your homework (due next time you come in for class):

  • notebook
  • writing utensil
  • 3 lacrosse balls (you can get these at any sporting goods store. ~3 each)
  • 2 rolls of athletic tape (get them at the same sporting goods store you buy the lax balls at)

Athlete Progress

Yes…each one of you is an athlete…whether you think so or not…

Starting yesterday… I want you all to start logging your own WOD results. A workout journal will help you immensely in tracking your own progress and help you see what areas you need help in. Every week I will ask you what movements need work… and I will give you an individualized WOD to work on those skills or movements. Friday is best for this since Friday is a dedicated makeup or technique day. But if you don’t come on Fridays, we can do it another day.

My hope is that you’ll see just how effective CrossFit is and help you meet each of your individualized goals.

ALSO… July 1, we are starting our Paleo Challenge. I want you all to start logging your daily nutrition. When you eat, what you eat, etc. No matter how hard you’re working, you will NOT see significant results without modifying your diet. That said…you will NEVER again, see me eating donuts in the gym. =) I’ll do that in private. Just kidding…


Why the lacrosse balls and athletic tape?

The athletic tape is for those of you who are not happy with the idea of your hands looking like mine… And cannot just wear gloves. I want you to be able to feel the bar.

For protecting those girlish hands and to guard against ripping

The lacrosse balls will be used to do SMR work to get blood flow to your muscles pre-WOD and to help maintain yourselves when you’re not in the gym and are feeling sore and tight. We’ll go over that more this week.

Keep up the good work everybody!

In genuine fitness,

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