Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: June 2015 : Nic Van Biene

Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: June 2015 : Nic Van Biene

June 1, 2015
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NicAt our 2014 awards banquet, Nic Van Biene walked away with the “Most Obsessed” award. I think a few better ways to describe Nic would be: dedicated, determined, and tenacious.
Nic is the embodiment of consistency and coachability. You never really have to wonder if Nic is going to show up to train. And even if he doesn’t, you’ll most certainly get a text from him with either a question about the workout or a report of his score. Nic travels quite a bit and rarely lets it get in the way of him keeping up with the rest of the competition team workouts.

Nic has a solid athletic base and background. He can run circles around ANYONE in the gym. Where he’s struggled significantly is in the areas of mobility and high skill movements. Combine those two characteristics with a coach who is as relentless and picky as I am, and you’ve got a a recipe for frustration. But Nic’s character has shined through in his humility and equally unrelenting work ethic. The last several months we have seen IMMENSE improvement and some pretty epic breakthroughs. The photo to the right is Nic at our most recent competition. He practiced every day for weeks preparing for one particular skill that he knew he needed for the competition. It didn’t pan out so well that day. But two days later, it all clicked… go figure. But regardless, Nic’s can-do attitude and drive are a great example for us all. Keep pushing!

Please join me in honoring CrossFit Stronghold’s June 2015 Athlete of the Month: Nic Van Biene



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