Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: October 2015 : Yelena and Kevin Chaulk

Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: October 2015 : Yelena and Kevin Chaulk

October 1, 2015
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Yelena and Kevin ChualkWhen Coach Kaitlyn and I were discussing the nominees for this month’s Athlete of the Month, both Yelena and Kevin were at the top of the list. But rather than try and choose between them, I decided why not honor them together? This amazing power couple joined our family 6 months ago and it’s been an absolute pleasure having them.

Yelena and Kevin came to us with a good amount of CrossFit experience already under their belts. They were looking for a community closer to home but I don’t know that they were expecting to also find one of the most picky coaches on the planet. 🙂 Despite their long experience with CrossFit, they both came in with a few fundamental faults in their movements that had never been cued or corrected. For a while Yelena felt like she was starting over from scratch.

While many experienced athletes might get frustrated and leave, both Yelena and Kevin responded instead by digging in, working harder, and all the while getting better and better. As soon as they walk in the door they go straight to work on their drills and mobility prep. They approach each workout responsibly, understand that longevity is the goal, and they consistently give their best. Post workout, they are diligent about prioritizing and optimizing their recovery and continue working on improving their quality of movement.

Not only are Yelena and Kevin model students, they’re just all around cool people. I’m very thankful that they call our community home. Please join me in honoring CrossFit Stronghold’s October Athletes of the Month: Yelena and Kevin Chaulk.

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