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  • Ray on Lionheart Radio

    Check out Coach Ray’s interview on Lionheart Radio Also available on iTunes

  • Coach Ray Talking about squats on the CW6 Morning News

  • Throw away your scale already

    Dear Coach Ray, I’ve been doing CF 4-5 days a week for 6 months and I haven’t lost any weight! Frustrated and I want to give up, but I really love going to your class. Can you help me? Step 1: Throw away your scale! Step 2: Realize that weight is not an accurate metric […]

  • Wormy Push Ups

    Dear Coach Ray, I need help! There was a new guy in our CF class this week (Deebo) and he was partnered with me for the WOD. After we got through our first set of push ups, he started calling me “Big Worm”. Now all the kids in the neighborhood are calling me Big Worm! […]

  • On General Physical Preparedness

    Dear Coach Ray, 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia or 1970 Pontiac GTO? Whoa… random… Ok…well let’s look at a few figures: The Karmann Ghia had something like 57hp while the GTO was available with up to 370hp. I’m pretty sure we can save ourselves some time and say that it would be no contest at the […]

  • Which weightlifting shoes should I get?

    Dear Coach Ray, I want to fit in with all my new CrossFit pals, so I’m thinking about getting oly shoes. What should I look for? Does color matter? Anything else I should consider??? -“Taylor” If your sole motivation for getting lifting shoes is to fit in with your friends, then buy whatever you think […]

  • Donut Gainzzz

    Dear Coach Ray, I have a dilemma. I’m at Donut Bar and the choices are too many! This is going to be my only meal before I hit the gym for a brutal session of max effort back squats and a 30 minute metcon and I’m starving! Should I get the maple bacon bar, Cro […]

  • On Bicep Curls

    Dear Coach Ray, How am I suppose to work on my “gun show” when you won’t let me do curls? Bicep curls are arguably the quintessential exercise of the fitness industry. A mainstream fitness magazine or mainstream fitness marketing campaign bereft of an image or sequence highlighting the bicep curl would be strange indeed. It […]

  • A Note on Mental Toughness

    Some of you have may have heard me say “Don’t tell me… show me” I usually tell this to people whose gym attendance is spotty at best and they are trying to convince me that they will do better. “I’ll be there coach.” “I’ll be dedicated” Intentions are great and all… but “Action is Eloquence”. […]

  • Quality vs. Quantity

    August 24, 2013 Distance/endurance athletes are obsessed with volume. This is especially true amongst beginners and novices. This is a trend common amongst distance athletes of all disciplines but today I’ll focus on runners. Earlier this year, I did my first half marathon: the La Jolla. I was reluctant to do the race. I don’t […]