New Season

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For those of you just now catching up…
I’ve made the very difficult decision to say goodbye to my CrossFit Stronghold family and move on to new adventures. Instead of owning and operating a facility, I will be focusing my efforts on teaching, training, and mentoring new and intermediate level coaches and trainers.
In addition to being a staff trainer for the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course and the CrossFit Weightlifting Speciality Course, I have begun the intern process to join the staff for the Level 2 Trainer Course and the new Flexibility Workshop.
Another project I’ve started involves gathering CFL1 and CFL2 trainers from all around the world to get together weekly to discuss training and strive for virtuosity in their coaching abilities. My goal is to help guide L1 and L2 trainers to maximize application of the things they’ve learned at the weekend seminars they’ve attended so they can be the best trainers they can possibly be. Basically, I want to be the mentor, the resource, the coaches coach, that I wish I had when I was a developing trainer. I have nothing new or revolutionary to share. My goal is to simply help trainers make sense of the amazing wealth of knowledge that’s already been presented to them, so they can more readily apply that knowledge to better serve their clients.
Another primary focus of mine is to get out and travel: see the sights, meet people, and share my love of CrossFit, movement, and coaching with the world.
Thank you so much to my CrossFit Stronghold family for the love, the memories, and for your support in sending me off into this new season. You have all touched my life in an invaluable way and I intend to use what I’ve learned from you to impact and bless people everywhere I go.