Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: January 2017 : Amber Eck

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To kick off 2017, I want to honor a special lady who epitomizes the heart behind the CrossFit methodology. Many people think that CrossFit is all about elite, seemingly superhuman individuals doing crazy feats of strength and endurance. What you see on ESPN is just a small subset of the worldwide CrossFit community.

CrossFit is REALLY about the 98 percentile of people. CrossFit athletes are attorneys, accountants, engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors, soccer moms, dads with dad bods (hopefully not for long), kids, teens, college athletes, cops, firefighters, military personnel, even grandparents. CrossFit is infinitely scalable and appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.

During the day, Amber is an attorney. 24/7/365 she’s also a mom. From 6am to 7am, she is an athlete. Over the past six months, we’ve watched Amber get stronger, more mobile, more aware of her body and her abilities. She doesn’t do everything “as prescribed” but happily works her way through the progressions and is on a steady path of getting better every day. Amber works hard, doesn’t make excuses, and is a joy to coach. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for her in and outside of the gym.

Please join me in honoring CrossFit Stronghold’s January 2017 Athlete of the Month, Amber Eck.