Stronghold Pride – Athlete of the Month: September 2016 : Trevor Shaw

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Sometimes it’s challenging narrowing down the candidates for Athlete of the Month. For September it was a pretty clear choice.

There used to be a time when a good number of people would hang around after class to practice skills and do extra work to improve on their weaknesses. That doesn’t happen a whole lot anymore. A handful of people do, but it’s not quite as common as it once was. One individual in particular who is consistent about working on his “goats” is Trevor. Pretty much every day that he comes in, you can count on him proactively working on his double unders and his kipping pull ups and muscle ups. He soaks up feedback like a sponge and is quick to put them into practice. In less than 3 months he has demonstrated great work ethic and has been making steady gains in strength and skill. It will be awesome to see where he is in the months to come.

Please join me in recognizing, honoring, and wishing best wishes to CrossFit Stronghold’s September 2016 Athlete of the Month: Trevor Shaw